Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.  -Mark Twain

Video & Graphics

Here are some examples of videos and graphics created for our previous clients. Your video can be used on your website, social media or for broadcast. Simply answer a few questions on our Let’s Get Started page, supply a hi-res copy of your logo and any media you’d like to include, and our editors will use one of our many templates to quickly create a video you can be proud of!Learn More

Let's Get Started

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention, you want to take full advantage of every chance to communicate your message. Most potential customers have a short attention span – so how do you keep their interest? Show, don’t tell. Use effective visuals to power up your communications, boost engagement, and spark up your social media.Learn More

What's The Cost?

At Avidchick Productions, we want to make getting quality video and graphic work easy. All you need to do is answer a few questions to determine what look suits your business best. Our artists will select one of our pre-made templates and use either our stock library or images you provide to craft eye-catching visuals that will save you both time and money.Learn More

Client Approval

To ensure satisfaction, we offer online approval of any work we do. You will be given a client code once the job is done so you can easily view, approve or request a revision.Learn More

What Clients Say

Avidchick thank you so much for all of the projects that we have worked on together. Your attention to detail and editing skills are amazing!
Kapitan, Business Local Listings
My spot is excellent! I don’t see anything which needs to be changed. Thanks!
Lynette, All Family Law Group
Words cannot describe how I feel about these pictures! <3 Not only are they different, but they are so dramatic and this is the style I’ve been craving ;)
Tracie, Cosplayer, Mortal Kombat
This superb image by Nathan Carter pays homage to the iconic werewolf in the moon shot. While it might look easy at first glance, this is where Nathan is truly showing off his lighting skills. Bravo.
Daily Feature, Cosplay Photographers
The ad is awesome! Great job! This ad is a money maker!
Jeffery, Best Edge SEO